It is particularly annoying if you are looking forward to the new Amazon Prime series, sitting on your sofa in the evening and the error message Insufficient Bandwidth – Your bandwidth is too low when you start the stream in the Amazon Prime app appears.
With the following guide, you can continue watching your favorite series

Is your internet connection fast enough?

Amazon Prime requires a certain amount of available bandwidth per second for streaming video. In the Amazon Prime-App you can change the streaming and download quality

For each of these settings the following amount of bandwidth of your internet connection is required:

Setting Data volume per hour Required bandwidth per second
Best 1.82 GByte 4.04 MBit
Better 0.77 GByte 1.71 MBit
Good 0.27 GByte 0.60 MBit
Data Saver 0.12 GByte 0.27 MBit

Check if your network or Wi-Fi is currently running large downloads, such as Windows Updates. Pause the downloads during the stream.

Are there any general problems with your internet connection?

If other downloads are also slow, you should check our article about slow internet.

Flush cache of the Amazon Prime app by new installation

Maybe the cache of the Amazon Prime app got corrupted due to defects of your hard disk. Please try to remove the Amazon Prime app and then to re-install it.

Install updates

Please check if your Amazon Prime app or smart TV has updates available and install them. The updates are most of the time not the reason for the error Your internet bandwidth is too low< but they are also flushing the cache.

Disable VPN or proxy

Maybe your smartphone or PC is currently booked into a VPN? During the time of the stream, disable the VPN connection. In addition to that, the Amazon Prime app does not support proxies. Deactivate any HTTP/HTTPS proxy you are currently using.

Add an exception to your firewall

If you have enabled a firewall on you smartphone or PC, check the settings. Does you firewall allow incoming and outgoing traffic for the Amazon Prime app?
You can disable the Windows Defender Firewall for a short amount of time to check if it causes the error.

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